REL 2000 Introduction to Religion

This course offers an introduction to the nature of religious belief and practice. It will provide students with an understanding of what religion is, of the universal forms of religion and of the basic contemporary and classic sources of religious experience. Discussions of the sacred and holy, symbolism, myth, doctrine, ritual, death and the self, the problem of evil, the anatomy of faith, and the social aspects of religion will be addressed. This course satisfies the Gordon Rule writing requirement. 45 class hours.


3 cr.


REA 0017 or REA 0011 or REA 0019 and  ENC 0025 or ENC 0021 or ENC 0022 (completed with a grade of "C" or higher for each course) or appropriate placement test scores. Students who are not required to take the common placement test or enroll in developmental education courses do not have to satisfy prerequisites.