NUR 1200 Adult Nursing I/ADN Transition

This course introduces lab and clinical concepts and skills basic to nursing care for adult clients and their families.  The nursing process is introduced and used as an approach to nursing care with emphasis on the basic needs relating to oxygenation, nutrition, elimination, comfort and safety, security, and mobility The roles of the nurse as a provider of care, communicator, teacher, manager, and member of a profession are introduced for clinical application and evaluation.  This course consists of 90 laboratory hours and 135 clinical hoursAdditional campus laboratory hours may be required. 


3 cr.


BSC 1085, BSC 1085L, BSC 1086, BSC 1086L, CGS 1100, HUN 2201, MCB 2010, MCB 2010L, PSY 1012, and Admission to the Associate Degree Transition Program LPN Licensure or completion of NUR 1006 and NUR 1006L (Paramedics only)


NUR 1200L and DEP 2004