LIT 1020 Introduction to Short Fiction

This course will introduce students to the elements of short fiction: setting, plot, point of view, character development and theme.The history of short stories as a discrete literary genre will also be studied. Students will gain an understanding and appreciation of technique and style in stories of various genres, time periods, and cultures. Critical reading and writing skills will be enhanced with both oral and written assignments. Students will come away from the course with a good understanding of how fiction works. Students will be expected to demonstrate competency in writing and research by producing work which is not only grammatically and mechanically correct but which displays effective sentence structure and organization, precise diction, appropriate use of research materials, and proper MLA documentation. This is a writing credit course wither international and intercultural content.

This course satisfies the Gordon Rule writing requirement. A grade of "C" or higher must be attained. This course is 3 credit hours.


3 cr.


ENC 1101 (completed with a grade of "C" or higher).