ATF 2203 Commercial Pilot III

This is the third of three courses needed to complete the training required for the FAA Commercial Pilot certificate. This course covers Stage VI skills of commercial pilot training. It includes 16 hours of solo flight, and 22 hours of dual flight instruction with an FAA approved flight instructor. Stage VI does not contain ground lessons. The total ground training time is from Stages IV and V.

The course requirements are met when the student earns his or her Commercial Pilot Certificate for single-engine airplanes.

It should be noted that the hours above are based on FAA-syllabus minimums, and students may exceed these minimum hours. The cost for these additional flight hours is not covered by the course fee.

This course also has special requirements which students must meet prior to enrolling:

1. Students must hold a minimum of an FAA third-class medical certificate (Current Second-class for GI Bill students)

2. Students must hold an Instrument Pilot Certificate

3. Students must be U.S. citizens or have TSA authorization to start flight training

4. Students must meet with the Program Director to verify documentation and review course requirements and flight training costs.

Pasco-Hernando State College provides the flight instruction through a college-contracted flight school. In accordance with FAR 141.23, this course is identified as a being part of a form Part 141 flight training program.


2 cr.


ATF 2202