Emergency Medical Services, Associate in Science

The purpose of this program is to prepare students to provide advanced prehospital emergency care as a paramedic. Instruction includes the knowledge and skills required to function under the direction of a physician, either directly or by written procedures. Students who wish to transfer any credits from this program to another institution must accept the responsibility for securing approval from that institution.

Program Code: AS-EMS

ENC 1101English Composition I

3 cr.

EMS 1119Emergency Medical Technology

5 cr.

EMS 1119LEmergency Medical Technology Laboratory

2.5 cr.

EMS 1431Emergency Medical Technology Clinical

1.5 cr.

PHI 1630Applied Ethics

3 cr.

HSC 2531Medical Terminology

3 cr.

HSC 1101Perspectives of Health and Wellness

3 cr.

Elective Area I, II, III, IV or V-1

1 cr.

CGS 1100Microcomputer Applications

3 cr.

PSY 1012Introduction to Psychology

3 cr.

BSC 1020Human Biology

3 cr.

Any Area II Mathematics course listed in the Associate in Science Degree Program Requirements

3 cr.

Total Credit Hours:34

Note(s): A grade of “C” or higher in EMS 1119, EMS 1119L, EMS 1431 and HSC 2531  must be earned in order to continue in the program.

Students who wish to continue to the sophomore year first must be accepted for admission by the Admissions Committee for Health Programs. (See Paramedic Certificate Program for further information.)

Elective Area I, II, III, IV or V - See Associate in Science General Education Requirements

Sophomore—Session I

EMS 2620Paramedics I

9 cr.

EMS 2620LParamedics I Laboratory

2.5 cr.

EMS 2621Paramedics I Clinical

2 cr.

Total Credit Hours:13.5

Sophomore—Session II

EMS 2622Paramedics II

7 cr.

EMS 2622LParamedics II Laboratory

2 cr.

EMS 2623Paramedics Clinical II

4.5 cr.

Total Credit Hours:13.5

Sophomore—Session III

EMS 2624Paramedics III

4 cr.

EMS 2624LParamedics III Laboratory

1.5 cr.

EMS 2625Paramedic Internship

6.5 cr.

Total Credit Hours:12

Note(s): Upon successful completion of the sophomore year (Paramedic Certificate program) and successful completion of a final comprehensive written and practical skills examination, the graduate is eligible to apply to take the National Registry exam and if successful apply for Florida State certification.

Upon acceptance and enrollment into this program, EMTs will receive 12 advanced college credit semester hours based on emergency medical technician education and paramedics will receive 42 advanced college credit semester hours based on paramedic education, for the Associate in Science in Emergency Medical Services program only.

EMS 2620, EMS 2621, EMS 2622, EMS 2623, EMS 2624, EMS 2625 - Courses include computer competencies.

Total Credit Hours: 73

Advanced Placement Policy:

Currently, Pasco-Hernando State College does not have an official policy referencing advanced placement for EMS programs. The Florida Department of Health, (EMS Bureau) has Florida Statutes and/or Florida Administrative Code that addresses certification for advanced practitioners, such as physicians, physician’s assistant, dentists, or registered nurses. The following link is to the F.S. 401.27 (7), (12).