Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE)

The Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) is designed to test student mastery of basic skills in mathematics, language and reading. The test is used by PHSC to assess the basic skills of students enrolled in career and technical certificated education programs offered for career credit of 450 hours or more. Each program has specific grade-level exit requirements, which may be found on the TABE Exit Requirements for Career and Technical Certificate Programs Chart. Some Florida high school and active military students may be exempt from testing. Refer to the "Basic Skills Requirements for Career and Technical Certificate Education" section of the Catalog and Student Handbook for additional information on TABE requirements and exemptions for these programs.

The College administers and accepts only the most current forms of the TABE. All applicable sections must be taken within the first six weeks after admission beginning on the day of the first course in the program. Students may be retested with an alternate form of the TABE six weeks after the initial administration and all examinees must wait six months before retesting with the same form. Students with disabilities may request appropriate accommodations through the Office of Disabilities Services.

Tests are computer graded and results are entered into the College's official student records system. Test scores remain active for two years or as long as a student remains continuously enrolled without a break of one year. Test score results submitted from an agency other than PHSC should be mailed directly from that agency.

For additional information, students should contact Career and Testing Services.