Health Unit Coordinator/Monitor Technician―Technical Certificate

The purpose of this program is to prepare students for employment as health unit coordinators, also known as ward clerks or unit secretaries. Some of the topics included in the program are interpreting medical terminology, performing clerical duties; reading, interpreting and coordinating physicians' orders; legal and ethical responsibilities, ECG monitoring and performing supervised clinical duties.

Program Code: PSVC-HUC

The following courses must be taken in the order shown:

HSC 0003Introduction to Health Occupations

3 tech. cr. (90 clock hours)

HSC 0530Medical Language

3 tech. cr. (90 clock hours)

OTA 0101Keyboarding I

2 tech. cr. (60 clock hours)

CVT 0507Basic Arrhythmias

2 tech. cr. (60 clock hours)

HIM 0440Pharmacology for Health Professionals

2 tech. cr. (60 clock hours)

WCL 0055Health Unit Management

3.34 tech. cr. (100 clock hours)

WCL 0050Health Unit Coordinator Clinical

1.33 tech. cr. (40 clock hours)

Total Credit Hours: 16.67-500

Special Program Requirements:

A completed Physical Examination Report (SAR-40-A) is required for this course.

An approved 4-hour AIDS seminar, PHSC course NCH 0001, is a program requirement.

CPR certification, PHSC course NCH 0050, American Heart Association, "Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers", is a requirement of this program.

A grade of "C" or higher must be earned in each program course in order to receive a Technical Credit Certificate.

WCL 0050 Health Unit Coordinator Clinical is the final course in the program and may only be taken after all other program courses have been successfully completed.