To Withdraw from a Class

Students must:

  1. Complete a student initiated Withdrawal Request Form (SCN-3), which can be obtained from any Student Affairs office
  2. Follow the instructions on the back of the form
  3. Get the student initiated Withdrawal Request Form signed by the instructor, signifying the student's last day of attendance
  4. Return the signed form to the Student Affairs office to be input into the College record. Students cannot complete withdrawals online.

Students are cautioned that withdrawing from a course can  have future financial consequences and can affect their eligibility or continued receipt of financial aid, including Florida Bright Futures. All students receiving financial aid, or Florida Bright Futures are required to speak with a Financial Aid office representative before withdrawing from a class. Students receiving veterans educational benefits are required to speak with a VA advisor.

Students who withdraw from a course do not receive a refund of course fees. Also, students must comply with the applicable published withdrawal dates for each term. See the College Calendar for specific deadlines.