Clubs and Organizations

3D - Developing Drafters & Designers: Brings awareness and appreciation to the artistry and profession of drafting and related fields. This group also participates in the SkillsUSA competitions.

CRU: Provides an opportunity for students of like faith to gather and promote friendships through Christian fellowship.

Disney Leadership Alliance: Focuses on leadership, learning through the experiences of Disney employees, the love of Disney and building relationships.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA): The mission of the group is to present to coaches, athletes and all whom they influence, the  challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord-serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.

Human Services Club: Provides a medium for cooperation and communication among area human service/mental health professionals, faculty and students. It also helps student members with career development and placement. Members of the Human Services Club may choose to belong to the Southern Organization for Human Services Education (SOHSE).

In Praeparatione ad Sanandum (IPSO): To serve all students who are either taking courses in healthcare or are interested in the possibility by representing them before SGA and college administration.  To offer resources and a community in which the sharing of ideas, knowledge, and opportunities are encouraged and expected so that members may attain the highest quality experience and education in healthcare.

Legal Eagles Club: Promotes paralegal education and encourages a high degree of academic, ethical and professional achievement through the sponsorship of educational programs and attendance at professional seminars in cooperation with the legal profession.

Men of Excellence (MOE): Promotes and supports the academic and personal development of college students. Membership in this organization assists students with leadership skills and provides connections to the campus community.

Nightingale Nursing Club: Aids in the preparation of nursing students and prenursing students for the assumption of professional responsibilities and is open to all students. Nightingales provide programs and activities that are representative of current professional interests.

Pasco-Hernando American Sign Language Association (PASLA) : Seeks to bridge the gap between the deaf, hard of hearing and hearing communities through education and information so as to support the deaf and hard of hearing community and form an alliance.

Porter Literary Artists and Scholars Troop (LAST): To provide students an academic, extracurricular community for the appreciation, production and publication of literary art.

PRIDE: Promotes education, unity, awareness and change. The organization also provides a respectful, safe place to support all students on campus.

Radiography Club: Operates with the Lambda Nu Radiography Honor Society to foster and recognize academic scholarship within the field of radiologic science. Members travel to conferences and sponsor a variety of activities on campus.

STEM Club: To help students prepare for entrance to medically based programs and gain a deeper understanding of the various medical professions; to develop and foster friendships with students who have similar goals; to aid students in finding volunteer opportunities.

Student Juggling Society: To provide meetings at regular intervals for jugglers with an atmosphere of mutual friendship. Focus will be juggling but also supports other circus disciplines.

Synergy: Seeks to foster productive interactions among students and across diverse majors, to promote cooperation between diverse cultures on the campus and in the community. They also stimulate fellowship among students interested in sociology, to explore issues and applications in the field of sociology.

True Anime & Gaming (TAG)/League of Gamers: Provides an outlet for students to gather and experience the world of anime and gaming.

Veterans Club: Assists veterans in their needs while in school, connects them to opportunities in the community and educates students with the experiences veterans can share with them.

Women's Resource Group: Exists to promote equity, education, intellectual growth, individual worth, resources and development of opportunities for women. This group hosts events such as a Women's Resource Festival, and other awareness activities for the campus and community.

Writers and Artists Club : Provides an outlet of expression for all writers, artists and photographers.

* Not all clubs listed are active on all campuses. To obtain more information about any of these clubs and organizations, or to start a new club or organization, please visit a campus Student Activities office.