Emergency Medical Technician―Applied Technology Diploma

The purpose of this program is to prepare students for employment as emergency medical technicians to function at the basic prehospital level and treat various medical/trauma conditions using appropriate equipment and materials. The program prepares students for certification as EMTs in accordance with Chapter 64E-2 of the Florida Administrative Code. The program is approved by the Department of Health, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and the curriculum adheres to the National EMS Education Standards. This is the initial level for a career in emergency medical services and the prerequisite for paramedic training and certification.

Program Code: ATD-EMT


HSC 2531Medical Terminology

3 cr.

Course Requirements:

EMS 1119Emergency Medical Technology

5 cr.

EMS 1119LEmergency Medical Technology Laboratory

2.5 cr.

EMS 1431Emergency Medical Technology Clinical

1.5 cr.

Note(s): A grade of "C" or higher in EMS 1119, EMS 1119L and HSC 2531 and a grade of "Pass" in EMS 1431 must be earned in order to receive a Certificate of Completion. Students are then eligible to apply to take the Florida EMT Certification exam.

CPR certification, PHSC course NCH 0050, American Heart Association, "Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers", is a requirement of this program and should be completed prior to the first day of class.

Total Credit Hours: 11