Then: Submit Transcripts

High School Transcripts

All students who have been issued a standard high school diploma from an accredited U.S. high school, are required to have official copies of their high school transcript(s). An official copy of a state issued high school equivalent GED diploma is acceptable in lieu of a standard high school transcript. Home school students complete a home school affidavit attesting that they registered with the local public school district as a home school student and that they have been certified as having completed a standard high school home education program. High school transcripts should include the type of diploma earned and the graduation date.    

College Transcripts

Any applicant who studied at a school or college following completion of high school must provide an official college transcript.  These transcripts are reviewed to determine if transfer credit has been earned, that will be posted to the PHSC student record.  The time necessary to effectively review and process transcripts and documents can be lengthy. Applicants and students are asked to submit all required documents to the Admissions and Student Records office at least eight weeks prior to the term for which they seek to enroll. Doing so will assist with timely awarding of financial aid, determining whether a student has met certain requirements through prior coursework and in general, support a more seamless admission and registration process.

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts and test scores must arrive in a sealed envelope from each issuing agency or institution by mail (to the District, New Port Richey Admissions and Student Records office) or may be accepted at any PHSC campus if they are delivered by hand in a sealed envelope.

Official transcripts submitted should be current (issued within the last six months). Transcripts and documents received for which no admission application is on file, will be kept for 12 months and then destroyed.  

Additional Transcripts and Documentation

Limited access and selected admission programs may require additional documents be submitted with the program application and checklist package (see program information on College website).

Foreign and International Transcripts

Please refer to the PHSC website for a list of agencies that evaluate foreign credentials and transcripts. The fees charged by these agencies varies depending on the level of service requested/required. Review the international student information carefully to ensure that the evaluation provided by the agency includes U.S. course number equivalents, equivalent number of credit hours, grade received, academic term, etc. This information is essential to assess whether any credits earned outside of the U.S. are able to be accepted as equivalent to college credits at PHSC.