Payment Methods

Payment by Check

Personal checks will be accepted for the payment of tuition, fees and other expenses. Checks must have full name and address printed on the check, driver's license of the person who signed the check, home and work phone number, student's name and ID number.

If a check is returned by the College's bank for nonpayment, the following actions will occur:

  1. If classes have not started, students will be dropped from their classes
  2. After classes have begun, restrictions will be placed on students' files

If students have two or more personal checks returned to the College by the bank due to nonpayment (NSF, account closed, etc.) any subsequent payments to the College must be made by cash, cashier's check, money order or credit card. In addition, students' check writing privileges to the College will be revoked for a period of five years. Any unpaid check is classified as a delinquent financial obligation. Unpaid, returned checks will be sent to either the State Attorney's office or the College's collection agency for further attempts at collection. A service fee in accordance with Florida Statutes 832.08 will be charged on all returned checks and students also may be liable for any collection fees.

Payment by Deferment

Deferments will be granted to veterans and other financial aid students on a case-by-case basis up to 60 days from the first day of classes. All deferments must be paid on the 61st day from the first day of classes in the term issued with the exception of enrollment in mini-terms.

Payment of deferments for mini-terms is due no later than 10 days prior to the end of class. Students are responsible for the payment of the deferment and will be subject to restrictions and collection practices if the deferment remains unpaid.

Payment by Third Party Sponsors

If employers or other agencies are paying for students' tuition and fees through direct payment to the College, students should present original letters of authorization signed by third party sponsors to the Financial Services office. PHSC will not accept letters of authorization that are contingent upon students achieving a passing grade or completing courses. Also, PHSC will not accept letters that state that the employees will be reimbursed for their fees. Any fees that remain unpaid by third-party sponsors will be the students' responsibility and will be subject to the restrictions and collection practices described below if not paid in a timely manner.

Payment by Financial Aid

Student fees also may be paid by financial aid funds for those students who are eligible to receive such funds. Please see the Financial Aid and Scholarships section for additional information.