CTS 0024 Senior Network Administrator

This course continues the study of network support services. The student will learn to install, configure, and maintain large networks. Student will also be able to demonstrate proficiency in defining, configuring and troubleshooting the following protocols: IP, IGRP, IPX, Async Routing, AppleTalk, Extended Access Lists, IP RIP, Route Redistribution, RIP, Route Summarization, OSPF, VLSM, BGP, Serial, Frame Relay, ISDN, ISL, X.25, DDR, PSTN, PPP, VLANs, Ethernet, Access Lists, 802.10, FDDI, Transparent and Translational Bridging installation After successful completion of Networking 4, Infrastructure, students will have met Occupational Completion Point E, Senior Network Administrator, SOC Code 15-1081. Lab fee required.


6 tech. cr. (180 clock hours)


EEV 0504, CTS 0022, CTS 0023 and OTA 0040.