Transient Student Requests

PHSC as the home institution:

PHSC students may be enrolled at another postsecondary institution concurrent with their PHSC enrollment by securing permission in advance. This procedure is necessary to ensure the acceptance of credits taken at other institutions at PHSC. To initiate this process, the PHSC student meets with an academic advisor and/or the student can submit the Transient Student Request form via Essentially, PHSC remains your "home institution" while you visit another school for a few credits. The transient student approval process via Florida Shines is designed to ensure the credits completed at other institutions will apply toward a program at PHSC. The electronic process includes multiple levels of approval including a review by financial aid staff to ensure credits eligible for financial aid support are recognized. When taking courses as a visitor at another institution, a student will need to follow the academic calendar, drop/add registration dates and academic rules at that institution for the duration of the course.

PHSC as the visiting institution:

Students from other colleges may, similarly, register for a few classes at PHSC while never officially separating from their program of study at their home school. Students submit the Transient Student Request form via Once their home school approves the PHSC courses they seek as meeting the program requirements for their major, the request is sent electronically to PHSC. At our end, we assign the visitor a PHSC student ID number that allows them to register for the pre-approved courses. The entire process is completed electronically.