Criminal Background Checks and/or Level II Fingerprinting

All hospitals and most clinical agencies require students to obtain a criminal background check. Information regarding background checks will be given to students at orientation. Criminal background checks and fingerprinting fees are assessed as a special fee, unless otherwise noted. Clinical agencies have the right to deny students access to their agency based on past criminal history. Should this occur, the health program coordinator will attempt to find an alternate clinical placement; however, this is not always possible. Applicants must be aware that denial of access to clinical settings due to criminal history may prevent the student from completing the program successfully. Applicants with criminal histories are urged to meet with their health program coordinator for advising.

Applicants with criminal histories also must be aware that state and federal licensing agencies may deny their application to obtain a license to practice following graduation. These students are advised to check with the appropriate state or federal licensing agency prior to entry into a health program.

Pursuant to Section 456.0635, Florida Statues, the Florida Board of Nursing, Florida Department of Health, Division of Medical Quality Assurance, and the Bureau of Health Care Practitioner Regulation shall refuse to issue a license, certificate or registration and shall refuse to admit a candidate for examination if the applicant has been:

  1. Convicted or plead guilty or nolo contendere to a felony violation regardless of adjudication of: chapters 409 (Social Welfare), 817 (Fraudulent Practices), and 893 (Drug Abuse Prevention and Control), unless the sentence and any probation or pleas ended more than 15 years prior to the application
  2. Terminated for cause from Florida Medicaid Program (unless applicant has been in good standing for the most recent five years)
  3. Terminated for cause by any other State Medicaid Program or the Medicare Program (unless the termination was at least 20 years prior to the date of the application and the applicant has been in good standing with the program for the most recent five years)

The change in Florida Statute 456.0635 indicates that if a student's criminal background check reflects a conviction involving any of the above categories, the student will not be eligible to apply or receive a Florida license or to sit for a certification examination if it is applicable to the program they are intending to apply for. The College is not responsible for decisions made by licensing agencies.