Admission to the College for Transfer Students

Upon submission of the PHSC Application for Admission and fee, applicants transferring from other colleges or universities will be accepted to the College in accordance with all Standards of Academic Progress.

An evaluation of transfer credit will be completed upon submission of official collegiate transcripts to the Admissions and Student Records office. PHSC will accept transfer credit from institutions accredited as degree granting by a postsecondary regional accrediting commission at the time coursework was completed. The College will accept transfer credit from other institutions if the award of credit from such institutions is listed with the State Course Numbering System (SCNS). In either case, an award will be made provided the credit earned is in an area and on a level normally included within the first two years of college for all lower-level programs (Associate in Arts (AA) degree, Associate in Science (AS) degrees, and lower-level certificate programs).

Additionally, the College may accept transfer credit at the vocational/technical level only from a State of Florida designated vocational/technical center. Forms are available to assist the student in requesting credit for these special programs and/or courses. Students can work with an advisor or the director/faculty coordinator overseeing the specific degree or certificate program.

Applicants who are eligible for a potential award of transfer credits from an international institution must provide official transcripts from the institution accompanied by a certified English evaluation of the transcript from an external foreign educational credential service approved by PHSC. This written evaluation will be at the applicant's expense.

Transfer credit for work accomplished in a nonregionally accredited institution also may be granted upon individual review. Provisions for the acceptance of such transfer credit are available in the Admissions and Student Records office.

Credits transferred from any institution will be used when calculating students' cumulative grade point average. Students who are placed on academic warning or probation as a result of their transfer credit evaluation will not be permitted to register at PHSC until they have met with an advisor. Students who are placed on academic suspension as a result of their transfer credit evaluation must petition for approval to enroll.

In accordance with Florida Statute, students who have previously been expelled from a Florida state college or university for unlawful possession, sale or use of narcotic drugs will not be admitted to PHSC for a period of one year from the date of the expulsion.