Admission to the College for Nondegree-Seeking Students

U.S. citizens or permanent residents who are 18 years of age or older and who do not plan to follow a program of study, or do not meet the requirements for entry into degree or specific certificate programs, may be admitted to the College as special students (SPOPO as major) or as nondegree seeking students (NDOPO as major) upon submission of the PHSC application and fee. If needed, PHSC encourages these students to obtain a GED high school equivalency diploma.

Special students (in SPOPO) are permitted to earn 15 credit hours, at which time they must declare an approved program of study if they plan to enroll further at PHSC. Additional admission requirements then may need to be satisfied. (See "Admission to Programs of Study.") Nondegree student (in NDOPO) is an admission status usually reserved for individuals who have already earned a degree and are returning to college to pursue courses for teacher licensing (in the Educator Preparation Institute) or who may be interested in exploring coursework for a second career.  See the College website for information on how to apply to the EPI program for teacher licensing, as special rules apply.

College Students Seeking Transient Student Admission

Students enrolled in another public Florida college or university who wish to take some of their classes at PHSC should apply for permission to do so via Florida Virtual Campus  (FLVC) network. Initiating a FLVC application notifies the home school of  intent to enroll at PHSC. The  home school must approve a request before forwarding it electronically to PHSC.  Upon receipt of the FLVC application from a student's home school, the Admissions and Student Records office will set up a PHSC student ID number. This number is used to register online for  approved courses. Students are responsible for paying their PHSC term bill on time and must follow the PHSC academic calendar for all dates that apply to the course(s) they are taking at PHSC. Students enrolled at a private postsecondary institution may be admitted as nondegree seeking upon submission of the paper copy of the PHSC application and fee together with an approved transient student form from the registrar at that institution. Permission is required prior to each PHSC registration and must include approved transient course(s). Private colleges and out-of-state institutions are not members of the Florida Virtual Campus network and  requests to be a transient visiting student at PHSC must be processed differently. Students should speak with PHSC Admissions and Student Records staff regarding processing of transient requests from those institutions.