Admission to Health Programs

PHSC offers many health-related programs. The programs vary in the admission requirements, deadline dates and documents required for admission. For this reason, a second application with a separate application information checklist is often required for each program to guide applicants through the documentation needed and the application/admission process. In cases where the program is offered at more than one campus, it may be necessary for the student to submit a separate application for each site for which they wish to be considered. Each application package submitted must be complete at the time of submission, may require a separate $25 limited access application processing fee (nonrefundable) and will have different deadline dates that apply. Applicants are encouraged to carefully review all of the information in the College catalog and on the College website and to ensure that the program application and application information checklist and forms are complete. 

Applicants who are transferring credit to PHSC as part of their application process to a health program are encouraged to work with an advisor early in their application process. Some programs require specific prerequisites for admission and transfer credits may not match the course number(s) at PHSC. In these cases, the student can work with an advisor to process a petition to request to have the transfer credit on their PHSC student record accepted as the PHSC prerequisite (referred to as a course substitution request). The transfer credit review process can be a timely one; therefore, it should be initiated as soon as possible to best ensure that a complete application package is submitted for program consideration when applicable.

Students should work with the limited access health staff person in the Office of Admissions and Student Records or the advisors at any Student Affairs office to assist with program admission and required documentation.