Admission to College Credit Certificate Programs

PHSC offers the following College Credit Certificate programs associated with Associate in Science (AS) degree programs: 

Admission to a College Credit Certificate program does not require admission to a degree program; however, students enrolled in these programs may opt later to apply to a degree program because many of the required courses are the same.

To be admitted to a College Credit Certificate program, students must ensure the following documents have been received by the Admissions and Student Records office:

  1. A PHSC Application for Admission indicating the intent to pursue a college credit certificate
  2. An official high school transcript indicating graduation with a standard high school diploma or a Certificate of Completion-CPT eligible (excluding limited access certificates); or an official transcript of GED scores indicating receipt of a high school equivalency diploma
  3. An official transcript from each U.S. college or university attended

Applicants to the Certificate in Paramedic program must meet the additional requirements noted in the section "General Admission Requirements for Health Programs." Students who have received special diplomas are not eligible for admission to some college Credit Certificate programs.