PERT Retests

Students who request a retest of the Postsecondary Readiness Test (PERT) must follow these guidelines:

  • Students are permitted to retake each subtest of the PERT one time after 24 hours have elapsed since the initial test was administered. Students requesting an additional retake beyond two active subtest scores administered at the College must receive approval based upon extenuating circumstances from an assistant dean of student affairs or the director of career and testing services before a retest is administered. Remediation is not required before retesting, although it shall be advised. Remediation is available at all Academic Success Centers. Remediation resources may also be found in Career and Testing Services or may be purchased in the College Store.
  • Students who have begun any developmental education course can retake the PERT only upon referral to an advisor by their instructor on a case-by-case basis.