Pharmacy Technician―Technical Certificate

This is a limited access program. Refer to the General Admission Requirements for Limited Access/Selected Admissions Health Programs section of this Catalog and Student Handbook for admission requirements.

The purpose of this program is to prepare students to work as pharmacy technicians in retail and hospital settings, under the direct supervision of a pharmacist. Students successfully completing this program are eligible to sit for the national pharmacy technician certification examination administered by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board or the Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians.

Program Code: APP-PHT

Session I - Term A

PTN 0000Foundations of Pharmacy Practice

4 tech. cr. (120 clock hours)

PTN 0015Calculations for the Pharmacy Technician

2 tech. cr. (60 clock hours)

PTN 0021Pharmacology for the Pharmacy Technician I

3 tech. cr. (90 clock hours)

Total Credit Hours:11-330

Session I - Term B

PTN 0032Pharmacy Operations I

4 tech. cr. (120 clock hours)

PTN 0032LPharmacy Operations I Laboratory

4 tech. cr. (120 clock hours)

Total Credit Hours:8-240

Session II - Term A

PTN 0033Pharmacy Operations II

3 tech. cr. (90 clock hours)

PTN 0033LPharmacy Operations II Laboratory

3 tech. cr. (90 clock hours)

PTN 0023Pharmacology for the Pharmacy Technican II

3 tech. cr. (90 clock hours)

Total Credit Hours:7-210

Session II - Term B

PTN 0043Pharmacy Practicum

8 tech. cr. (240 clock hours)

PTN 0093Pharmacy Technician Certification Review

1 tech. cr. (30 clock hours)

Total Credit Hours:9-270

Notes: An approved four-hour AIDS seminar, PHSC course NCH 0001, is a requirement for this program.

CPR certification, PHSC course NCH 0050, American Heart Association "Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers", is a requirement for this program.

Special Program Requirements:

A grade of "C" or higher must be earned in each program course in order to continue in the program. Courses may be repeated only on the recommendation of the faculty and the dean of health occupations and approval of the vice president of academic affairs/college provost, West Campus, and if space is available. Form IIN-27 must be completed by the Pharmacy Technician program faculty for program/course re-entry. In order to receive a certificate, students must obtain satisfactory scores on the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) (Form 9 or 10) with a minimum 10th grade level score in reading and language, and a score of 11 in mathematics. An associate degree or higher from a regionally-accredited college or university also will satisfy the TABE requirements.

A completed Physical Examination Report (SAR-40A), satisfactory criminal background check, fingerprinting and negative drug/alcohol screen are required for this program.