Law Enforcement Officer―Technical Certificate

The purpose of this program is to provide job-related training at the entry level to candidates for law enforcement positions. The curriculum is prescribed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission (CJSTC) in accordance with Florida Statutes.

Prerequisite Program Requirements

  • Two months before an academy start date, candidates should have completed all requirements for the academy
  • Candidates may be sponsored by a local law enforcement agency
  • All candidates must meet entry requirements, which include physical fitness and psychological testing
  • Additional entry requirements are outlined in the application packet
  • Application packets are available at the academy at the time of orientation

Program Code: APP-LEB

CJK 0001Introduction to Law Enforcement

.33 tech. cr. (10 clock hours)

CJK 0012Legal

2.07 tech. cr. (62 clock hours)

CJK 0013Interactions in a Diverse Community

1.33 tech. cr. (40 clock hours)

CJK 0014Interviewing and Reporting Writing

1.87 tech. cr. (56 clock hours)

CJK 0020CMS Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations

1.60 tech. cr. (48 clock hours)

CJK 0031CMS First Aid for Criminal Justice Officers

1.33 tech. cr. (40 clock hours)

CJK 0040CMS Criminal Justice Firearms

2.67 tech. cr. (80 clock hours)

CJK 0051CMS Criminal Justice—Defensive Tactics

2.67 tech. cr. (80 clock hours)

CJK 0064Fundamentals of Patrol

1.17 tech. cr. (35 clock hours)

CJK 0065Calls for Service

1.2 tech. cr. (36 clock hours)

CJK 0077Criminal Investigations

1.67 tech. cr. (50 clock hours)

CJK 0078Crime Scene to Courtroom

1.17 tech. cr. (35 clock hours)

CJK 0087Traffic Stops

1.00 tech. cr. (30 clock hours)

CJK 0084DUI Traffic Stops

.80 tech cr. (24 clock hours)

CJK 0088Traffic Crash Investigations

1.07 tech. cr. (32 clock hours)

CJK 0092Critical Incidents

1.47 tech. cr. (44 clock hours)

CJK 0096Criminal Justice Officer Physical Fitness Training (Law Enforcement)

2 tech. cr. (60 clock hours)

CJK 0422Dart-Firing Stun Gun

.27 tech. cr. (8 clock hours)

Total Credit Hours: 25.68-770

Special Program Requirements:

  • The CJSTC regulations must be met
  • Each student must attend all training sessions, except for absences approved by the training center director or his designee
  • This program is physically and mentally demanding. Academy-designated uniforms must be purchased and worn by academy cadets
  • College policies and the Academy Rules and Regulations Manual will be strictly followed
  • An applicant must take the Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test (CJBAT) and a score of 79 or higher is needed to pass the test. A fee will be charged. This test is offered through PHSC Career and Testing Services. Upon completion of the program, cadets will be eligible to take the state exam to receive provisional certification as a Law Enforcement Officer.
  • A list of required supplies will be given at orientation
  • An academic average of 80 percent or higher is required for all academic tests administered during each academy course. A grade of "Pass" is required in all courses requiring the demonstration of proficiency