How Much Will It Cost to Attend PHSC?

Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance usually includes direct or indirect expenses as permitted by federal regulations such as:

  1. Average tuition and fee charges for a full-time student based on the educational objective (AA/AS/ATD or approved technical certificate)
  2. Average cost of books and supplies
  3. Average room and board allowance (living expenses) based on whether or not the students live with parents
  4. Reasonable miscellaneous expenses such as transportation and personal expenses related to education

To determine need as in the example below:

Example:      $14,298 (budget)
Minus   $ 2,000  (EFC)
  = $12,298 (need)

The following figures are estimated expenses based on the average costs of most credit programs at 14 credit hours per term for two semesters (nine months) using 2015-2016 data: All fees are subject to change based on implementation of Florida Statute 240.035. 

Allowances for costs exceeding tuition and fees for specialized PHSC programs, disability related expenses (not provided by other agencies) and additional adjustments will be considered at the request of the student on a case-by-case basis.

 Category Cost for Students Not Living with Parents (Independent) Cost of Students Living with Parents (Dependent)
 Tuition and Fees
 $2,945.00*  $2,945.00*
 Books and Supplies
 1,496.00  1,496.00
 Personal Expenses
     1,836.00**      1,836.00**
 Transportation  2,088.00  2,088.00
 Room & Board
 5,931.00  2,122.00
 Total for Florida residents
 $14,298.00  $10,489.00
 Total for non-Florida residents
 $22,582.00  $18,773.00
*Florida resident
**Includes allowances for loan fees.