Fees and Expenses

All fees are subject to change based on approval of the District Board of Trustees and State Legislature in accordance with FS 1009.23.

Laboratory Fees—Credit Courses

Course Prefixes and Numbers Fees  
Course Prefixes and Numbers Fees
BSC 1085L $25  
EMS 2622 $20
BSC 1086L $25  
EMS 2622L $99
BSC 2010L $30  
EMS 2624 $10
BSC 2011L $30  
EMS 2624L $76
CAP 2134 $25  
ETD 1100 $10
CET 1179 $40  
ETD 1530 $25
CET 1600 $100  
ETD 2110 $25
CET 1610 $100  
ETD 2320 $25
CET 2615 $100  
ETD 2340 $25
CET 2620 $100  
ETD 2381 $25
CET 2793 $25     ETM 2315
CET 2880
$25     ETS 1511
CGS 1000
$25     ETS 1535
CGS 1100
$25     ETS 1540
CGS 1820 $25
    ETS 1542
CGS 2108
ISM 4041
CGS 2304
MCB 2010L $28
CGS 2821 $40  
NSP 1700C $20
CGS 2827 $40  
NUR 1006L $95
CHM 1025L $25  
NUR 1021L $95
CHM 2045L $34  
NUR 1200L $57
CHM 2046L $60  
NUR 1211L $57
CHM 2210C $25  
NUR 2261L $99
CHM 2211C $25  
NUR 2403L $68
CNT 1000 $25  
NUR 2460L $68
CNT 1401 $25  
OST 1100 $25
CNT 2510 $25  
OST 1110 $25
COP 1000 $25  
OST 1355 $25
COP 1332 $25  
OST 1764 $25
COP 1839 $25  
OST 1811 $25
COP 2071 $25  
OST 2335 $25
COP 2360 $25  
OST 2401 $15
COP 2654 $25  
OST 2852 $25
COP 2801 $25  
PEL 1111 $60
CTS 1110 $40  
PEL 1121 $70
CTS 2106 $25  
PEL 1122 $70
CTS 2123 $25  
PEL 1341 $10
CTS 2340 $25  
PEL 1342 $10
CTS 2372 $25  
PEL 1441 $5
CTS 2411 $25  
PEM 1171 $5
CTS 1109 $25  
PEM 1172 $5
DEH 1002L $186  
PGY 1401C $20
DEH 1800L $245  
PGY 1404C $20
DEH 2702L $30  
PGY 2405C $20
DEH 2802L $245  
PHY 1053L $25
DEH 2804L $245  
PHY 1054L $25
DEH 2806L $245  
PHY 2048C $25
DES 1020L $15  
PHY 2049C $25
DES 1100L $133  
RTE 1418L $67.50
DES 1200L $154  
RTE 1458L $50
DES 2051L $107  
RTE 1503L $87.50
EMS 1119L $60  
RTE 1513L $62.50
EMS 2620 $10  
RTE 1523L $62.50
EMS 2620L $156  
THE 2925A $25
THE 2925B $25
THE 2925C $25





Course Fees

All fees are subject to change based on approval of the District Board of Trustees and State Legislature in accordance with FS 1009.23.

Fees for registration are due prior to the published "fees due" date. Thereafter, fees are due by the end of the business day on which students register. Students who have not paid their fees face loss of their classes; however, it is the student's responsibility to check WISE to make sure that classes were dropped. The following schedule of fees is applicable to all students, including those in an audit status.

Baccalaureate Credit

Florida resident$126.08 per credit hour
Non-Florida resident$476.77 per credit hour

College Credit and College Preparatory Credit

Includes advanced, professional and postsecondary vocational (PSV) courses. Fees include financial aid fee, student activities and services fee, technology fee and capital improvement fee. The following fees are effective with the fall 2015 term.

Florida resident$105.18 per credit hour
Non-Florida resident$401.05 per credit hour

Technical Credit

Includes post-secondary adult vocational (PSAV) courses. Includes a financial aid fee and a capital improvement fee. The following fees are effective with the fall 2015 term.

Florida resident$ 88.08 per credit hour
Non-Florida resident$352.31 per credit hour

Laboratory Fees—Technical Credit Courses

Course Letters and Numbers Fees   Course Letters and Numbers Fees
CJK 0020 $103.57   HIM 0281 $25
CJK 0031 $79.18   MEA 0200 $20
CJK 0040
  NSP 1700C
CJK 0051 $118   OTA 0040 $8
CJK 0061 $22   OTA 0101 $25
CJK 0065 $78.50
  OTA 0609
CJK 0076 $7   OTA 0609A $25
CJK 0082 $22   OTA 0611 $25
CJK 0087 $25   PMT 0070
CJK 0212 $44.40
  PMT 0071
CJK 0422
  PMT 0072
CJK 0022
  PMT 0073
CJK 0023
  PMT 0074
CTS 0024
  PMT 0075
CTS 0029
  PMT 0076
CTS 0050
  PMT 0080
CTS 0076
  PMT 0081
CTS 0077
  PMT 0082
CTS 0744L
  PMT 0083
CTS 0751L
  PMT 0085
DEA 0755L
  PMT 0086
DEA 0757L
  PMT 0106 $45
DEA 0758L
  PMT 0112 $45
EEV 0317
  PMT 0121
EEV 0504
  PMT 0122 $35
FFP 0010  $100
  PMT 0125
HCP 0731L
  PMT 0126 $75
HCP 0741L  $36   PMT 0130 $3
HIM 0061
$25   PMT 0131 $35
HIM 0062 $25   PMT 0132
HIM 0063 $25   PMT 0133
HIM 0274 $25   PMT 0134 $45
HIM 0280 $25
  PMT 0138 $35

  PMT 0141
      PMT 0143
  PMT 0145 $15
      PMT 0150
      PMT 0151
      PMT 0161
  PMT 0164 $35

  PMT 0165 $25

  PMT 0171 $15

  PMT 0172

  PMT 0173 $35
      PMT 0174
      PMT 0175

    PRN 0000L

  PRN 0002L $86

  PRN 0120L $53

    PRN 0204L $71

  PRN 0205L $54

  PTN 0032L $156

  PTN 0033L $290
  STS 0155L

  STS 0156L $499
  STS 0401L $291





Continuing Education Fees

Community and Professional Education

Course fees$6 per clock hour*
Lifelong Learning (NCL)$6 per clock hour*
WorkshopsVaries per workshop
 (*Additional fees may apply)   

Fees for Repeated Courses

Subject to change based on implementation of FS 1009.285

On the third attempt of a college credit and/or preparatory course, students will be charged the full cost of instruction, which is equivalent to the out-of-state (non-Florida resident) fees. Previous enrollments in college credit and/or preparatory courses before fall term 1997 at PHSC will not apply in calculating student fees for repeated courses.

Limited Access and Selected Admissions Application Fee

Certain programs have limited access or selected admissions, which means students applying for admission must complete a separate, specific application to that program. The fee for submitting a limited or selected admissions program application is $25 per program. (This application fee is in addition to the $25 admission application fee.) The following is a list of limited access programs:

Dental (Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene)

Emergency Medical Services (Paramedic)

Health Information Technology

Law Enforcement/Correctional programs

Nursing (BSN, RN, PN, Transition)

Pharmacy Technician


Surgical Technology

Special Additional Fees

All special fees are normally nonrefundable and nontransferable once paid by the student.

EMS Courses - Testing Fee  
EMS 2620 $180
NHA Testing Fee - 
HCP 0742 $146
HCP 0742 (If proctored on PHSC campus-add $10) $156
HIM 0281 $105
OTA 0627 $186
OTA 0627 (If proctored on PHSC campus-add $10) $196
PTN 0093 (If proctored on PHSC campus) $129
Practical Nursing Courses - ATI Skills Videos
PRN 0000L $33.33
PRN 0120L $33.33
PRN 0204L $33.34
Practical Nursing/Nursing Courses - ATI Real Life Videos
NUR 1021L $300
NUR 1200L $250
Practical Nursing/Nursing Courses - ATI Testing Fee
NUR 1021 $722
NUR 1200 $757
Practical Nursing/Nursing Courses - ATI Testing and NCLEX Review Fee
PRN 0000 $308.33
PRN 0120 $308.34
PRN 0204 $308.33
Practical Nursing/Nursing Courses - NCLEX Review Fee
NUR 2261 $309
AST Gold Student Exam Bundle  
STS 0003 $115
STS 0150 $132
Fire Academy Fees  
FFP 0010, FFP 0012 $100
Firefighter I and II Special Fees
FFP 0010
Firefighter I and II Other User Fees
FFP 0010  $105.00
FFP 0020  $640.00

Additional Fees

Application to PHSC $25
Application fee -limited access and selected admission programs (per program) $25
Application fee - international students $40
Career assessment for non-PHSC students $20
College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) - test administration fee $80
College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) - administrative fee $20
Common Placement Test (CPT/P.E.R.T.) - non-PHSC students $20
Common Placement Test (CPT/P.E.R.T.) - retake for PHSC students $5
Common Placement Test (CPT/P.E.R.T.) - retake for non-PHSC students $20
Commencement participation fee (includes cap and gown) $30
Credit by examination (per credit hour) $30
Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test (CJBAT) - PHSC student $50
Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test (CJBAT) - non-PHSC student $55
Distance learning fee (per credit hour) (See below for exceptions*) $16
Encore Academy Club fee (per year) $175
GED test or GED retake per section: Call 727-816-3483 or check with College Store for information  
Graduation application $15
ID Card replacement $10
Late registration $20
Lost/damaged library book (in addition to book replacement cost) $15
Manual dexterity test or retake $15
Music - Applied music courses $90
Music - Ensemble courses $20
Print service - pay-for-print (per copy) $0.10
Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) non-PHSC students $20
Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) $50
Test proctoring (per test) $25

Student Health Insurance

Individual Student Health Insurance - $8

Criminal Justice: CJK 0096, CJK 0240, CJK 0280, CJK 0340, CJK 0392

Dental Assisting: DEA 0758L

Dental Hygiene: DEH 1002L, DEH 2804L

Emergency Medical Technician: EMS 1431

Engineering Technology: ETM 2315, ETS 1511, ETS 1535, ETS 1540, ETS 1542

Medical Administrative Assistant: OTA 0627

Nursing Assistant: HCP 0604

Nursing - Transition: NUR 1006L (Paramedic students only), NUR 1200L (LPNs only)

Nursing - Generic: NUR 1021L, NUR 2460L

Paramedic: EMS 2621

Pharmacy Technician: PTN 0032L

Practical Nursing: PRN 0000L

Phlebotomy: HCP 0742

Radiography: RTE 1111L, RTE 2824

Surgical Technology: STS 0155L, STS 0257

Individual Professional Liability Insurance

Individual Professional Liability Insurance for Health Occupation Programs - $23

Dental Assisting: DEA 0758L

Dental Hygiene: DEH 1002L, DEH 2804L

Emergency Medical Technician: EMS 1431

Health Unit Coordinator: WCL 0050

Human Services: HUS 2940

Medical Administrative Specialist: OTA 0627

Nursing Assistant: HCP 0604

Nursing - Generic: NUR 1021L, NUR 2460L

Nursing - Transition: NUR 1006L (Paramedic students only), NUR 1200L (LPNs only)

Paramedic: EMS 2621

Pharmacy Technician: PTN 0043, PTN 0032L

Phlebotomy: HCP 0742

Practical Nursing: PRN 0000L

Radiography: RTE 1111L, RTE 2824

Surgical Technology: STS 0255, STS 0257

Radiation Monitoring Badge

Radiation Monitoring Badge - $60

Dental Hygiene: DEH 1002L, DEH 2804L

Dental Assisting: DEA 0758L

Radiography: RTE 1503, RTE 1523

EHR Electronic Health Record System

EHR Electronic Health Record System (ElsevierEHR) - $64.00

Nursing - Generic: NUR 1021L, NUR 1211L, NUR 2261L, NUR 2460L

Nursing - Transition: NUR 1200L

Practical Nursing: PRN 0000L, PRN 0120L, PRN 0204L

FISDAP Skills Tracker


Drug and Alcohol Screening $ 34.00

Drug and Alcohol Screening Fees

Drug and Alcohol Screening Fees - $34.00

Dental Assisting: DEA 0751L

Dental Hygiene:  DEH 1800L

Emergency Medical Services:  EMS 1431, EMS 2621

Nursing:  NUR 1006L, NUR 1021L, NUR 1200L, NUR 2460L, NUR 4636C, PRN 0000L

Pharmacy:  PTN 0043

Radiography: RTE 1111L, RTE 2824

Surgical: STS 0255

Major Field Test

Major Field Test $25.00

Major Field Test Student Outcome Assessment -  $25.00

GEB 4891

Mental Health First Aid Training Fee

Mental Health FIrst Aid Training Fee - $110.00

Mental Health First Aid Training Fee - $110.00

Human Services Practicum: HUS 2941

Medical Document Tracker

Medical Document Tracker - $20

Emergency Medical Technician: EMS 1431

Nursing - Generic: NUR 1021L

Nursing - Transition: NUR 1006L (Paramedic students only), NUR 1200L (LPNs only)

Paramedic: EMS 2621

Practical Nursing: PRN 0000L


Medical Document Tracker - $35

Radiography: RTE 1111L


Fingerprinting - $52

Community Dental Health Clinical: DEH 2702L

Dental Assisting: DEA 0753L

Emergency Medical Technician: EMS 2621

Nursing - Transition: NUR 2403L

Nursing - Generic: NUR 1021L, NUR 2460L

Pharmacy Technician: PTN 0043

Practical Nursing: PRN 0000L

Radiography:  RTE 1111L, RTE 2824

Surgical Technician:  STS 0255

Certified Background Check

Criminal Background Check - $64.75

Dental Assisting: $64.75

Dental Hygiene I Clinica: DEH 1002L

Emergency Medical Technician: EMS 1431

Nursing - BSN: NUR 4636C

Nursing - Generic: NUR 1021L

Nursing - Transition: NUR 1006L (Paramedic students only), NUR 1200L (LPNs only)

Paramedic: EMS 2621

Pharmacy Technician: PTN 0043

Practical Nursing: PRN 0000L

Radiography: RTE 1111L

Surgical Technology: STS 0255

Criminal Background - Second Year Recheck - $49.75

Nursing - Generic: NUR 2460L

Radiography: RTE 2824

Payment and Financial Obligations

Students ultimately are responsible for payment of tuition, fees, books and any other expenses incurred while attending PHSC, regardless of financial assistance provided by parents, relatives or others. Students should know and understand responsibilities regarding the payment of financial obligations.

PHSC accepts cash and personal checks as well as Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards for payment of tuition, fees, books and other expenses. Fees may be paid at any PHSC College Store or online by credit card through PHSC's online registration system, WISE.

Tuition Installment Plan (TIP)

The College offers a Tuition Installment Plan (TIP) for PHSC students enrolled in credit courses. TIP allows students to select installment plans spread over several months, depending on the term. The earlier students enroll, the more payment options available. Students should check the College academic calendar for dates and payment options. Students who choose to use TIP may enroll online. After enrollment, students may use the MyFACTS account link to access their account online. Students must contact the Financial Services office if any schedule changes are made that will affect their agreement.

Payment Methods

Payment by Check

Personal checks will be accepted for the payment of tuition, fees and other expenses. Checks must have full name and address printed on the check, driver's license of the person who signed the check, home and work phone number, student's name and ID number.

If a check is returned by the College's bank for nonpayment, the following actions will occur:

  1. If classes have not started, students will be dropped from their classes
  2. After classes have begun, restrictions will be placed on students' files

If students have two or more personal checks returned to the College by the bank due to nonpayment (NSF, account closed, etc.) any subsequent payments to the College must be made by cash, cashier's check, money order or credit card. In addition, students' check writing privileges to the College will be revoked for a period of five years. Any unpaid check is classified as a delinquent financial obligation. Unpaid, returned checks will be sent to either the State Attorney's office or the College's collection agency for further attempts at collection. A service fee in accordance with Florida Statutes 832.08 will be charged on all returned checks and students also may be liable for any collection fees.

Payment by Deferment

Deferments will be granted to veterans and other financial aid students on a case-by-case basis up to 60 days from the first day of classes. All deferments must be paid on the 61st day from the first day of classes in the term issued with the exception of enrollment in mini-terms.

Payment of deferments for mini-terms is due no later than 10 days prior to the end of class. Students are responsible for the payment of the deferment and will be subject to restrictions and collection practices if the deferment remains unpaid.

Payment by Third Party Sponsors

If employers or other agencies are paying for students' tuition and fees through direct payment to the College, students should present original letters of authorization signed by third party sponsors to the Financial Services office. PHSC will not accept letters of authorization that are contingent upon students achieving a passing grade or completing courses. Also, PHSC will not accept letters that state that the employees will be reimbursed for their fees. Any fees that remain unpaid by third-party sponsors will be the students' responsibility and will be subject to the restrictions and collection practices described below if not paid in a timely manner.

Payment by Financial Aid

Student fees also may be paid by financial aid funds for those students who are eligible to receive such funds. Please see the Financial Aid and Scholarships section for additional information.

Unpaid Financial Obligations (Delinquent Accounts)

Delinquent student accounts are sufficient cause to prevent future registration for classes at the College, issuance of diplomas, or certificates, to which students may otherwise be entitled, and the release of transcripts and grades.

Outstanding student balances owed to PHSC may be referred to a collection agency. If this action should occur, students will be responsible for any fees and costs incurred in the collection of the amount owed, which may be based on a percentage, at a maximum of 33.33%, of the debt, and all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees, incurred in such collection efforts.

Delinquent accounts that have not been referred to a collection agency may be paid at any College Store via cash, check, money order, Discover, Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Payments also may be mailed to PHSC Financial Services, 10230 Ridge Road, New Port Richey, FL 34654 or paid online through WISE. In order to remove restrictions from student records, payment of delinquent accounts must be made in full.

If the delinquent account has been referred to the College's collection agency, it is preferred the payment, including collection costs and fees, be made in full to the collection agency or a payment arrangement be made. In extenuating circumstances the College may accept payment in full at any College Store.

Title IV Federal Repayment Guidelines

Students receiving Federal Title IV Financial Aid (Pell, FSEOG, William D. Ford and William D. Ford Plus Loans) must attend classes through at least 60 percent of the term. Failure to do so may result in the student being required to pay back all or a portion of his or her Title IV Financial Aid funds to the federal government and/or to PHSC. This will result in delinquent student accounts and will be processed accordingly.

Florida Bright Futures Repayment Guidelines

Students receiving Florida Bright Futures must reimburse the postsecondary institution for the cost of course(s) dropped or withdrawn after the initial drop/add period. Nonrefunded hours may affect the student's renewal eligibility. Please refer to the OSFA website for additional details. Review the Financial Aid and Scholarships information within this catalog or on the PHSC website Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program page.

Refunds of Student Tuition and Fees

No refunds shall be made to students who are withdrawn administratively for disciplinary reasons, are withdrawn administratively for nonattendance, or who withdraw from courses after the designated drop/add refund deadline, except for documented circumstances as identified in DBOT Rule 6Hx19-5.08:

  1. Credit Courses
    1. A 100 percent refund of tuition and fees, with the exception of special additional fees as defined in the Catalog and Student Handbook, will be granted if the student "drops" a course before the end of the drop/add period for a term as specified in the College Calendar. Refunds after the end of the drop/add period may be authorized, with sufficient documentation, as follows:
    1. Death of a student or the death of an immediate family member of the student (parent, spouse or child), as documented by the student or the student's estate, which precludes the student from being able to complete current semester's courses
    2. Critical medical emergency of the student or an immediate family member of the student (parent, spouse or child) of such a severity or of such a duration, as documented by a licensed physician, that it would preclude a student from being able to complete the current semester's courses
    3. Active duty military service, which would preclude the student from being able to complete the current semester's courses
    4. Course/class cancellation by the College
    5. Administrative or College error
    6. Other circumstances as may be approved by the president or a designee
    1. Appeals based on the above exceptions must be in writing and submitted to the Student Affairs office at any College campus. Appeals initially will be reviewed by an assistant dean of student affairs. Appeals based upon any of the documented extenuating circumstances identified in this Board Rule will be forwarded by the assistant dean of student affairs to the dean of student affairs and enrollment management for approval or denial.
    2. Exceptions to the 100 percent refund provision are subject to federal regulations for Title IV Financial Aid repayments
    3. The fee for late registration will be refunded when the only course in which the student is enrolled is canceled by the College, or in cases of administrative error, state employee tuition waivers or other extenuating circumstances
    4. For courses that start at a time other than the beginning of a regular term and for which the drop/add dates are not specified in the College Calendar, the final refund date shall be the end of the day on which 10 percent of the prescribed instructional hours in the course occurs
  2. Continuing Education/Noncredit Courses
    Except for online noncredit courses, a full refund will be issued to a student who drops any noncredit course prior to the start of the first class. Exceptions to this policy will follow those listed in "A. Credit Courses". Online noncredit course fees will be refunded if the student drops prior to noon of the day before the start of the first class, but will not be refunded after that time.
  3. Refunds Amounting to $1 or Less Will Not Be Returned to the Student

College Store Refunds

The College Store will accept textbook returns for refunds during registration, drop/add and the week immediately following the end of the drop/add period. Store personnel cannot issue a refund if the textbook has been damaged in any way, written in or presented without the original cash register receipt. If students have outstanding balances owed to the College, then any refund for books or supplies will be applied to or reduced by the outstanding balance owed to the College.

Online Noncredit Courses

Full refunds will be issued to students who drop from any online noncredit class prior to noon of the day before the start date of the first class. No refunds will be given after this time. For contract training courses, please refer to the "Letter of Agreement" for cancellation and refund policies.

BankMobile Disbursements

BankMobile Disbursements partners with PHSC to disburse financial aid balances and tuition refunds for PHSC students. A refund selection kit will be mailed automatically to all certificate and degree seeking students after registration and payment of classes. During the refund selection process students use a unique personal code to set up an account and choose the method of disbursement of their funds. Students have 3 options: an electronic deposit to their existing bank account, a traditional paper check that will be mailed to the address on file or an electronic deposit to a BankMobile Vibe Account (an online, non-interest bearing checking account serviced by BankMobile Disbursements, a division of Customers Bank).

Even if you don’t expect a financial aid disbursement or refund, select your preferences during the enrollment process to access future financial aid disbursements or refunds.

Contact Information

  1. Contact the Financial Aid office regarding:
    1. Questions concerning students' financial aid, including eligibility for financial aid, disbursement dates, amount of aid available, and eligibility for deferment of tuition and fees
    2. Questions concerning students' deferment not being paid by Pell, student loan or other scholarship
    3. Deferment due dates
  2. Contact the Financial Services office for the following:
    1. Questions concerning a dishonored check and payment of dishonored checks
    2. Questions concerning students' accounts not being paid by a third party
    3. Verification of students' delinquent accounts
    4. How to pay a deferment or delinquent account
    5. Questions concerning delinquent accounts referred to collections