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Where to Go For Help

Academic Advising 

Student Affairs Office

Academic Problems/Challenges 

Instructor, department chair/program director, academic dean, associate deans, provostStudent Affairsoffice, Academic Success Center (ASC) 

Academic Records 

Admissions and Student Records office

Academic Standing (Warning, Probation, Suspension, Dismissal) 

Student Affairs office

Accidents (Reports of) 

InstructorStudent Affairs officeor provost

Add, Drop, and Withdrawal Information 

Student Affairs office


Admissions and Student Records office

AIDS Policies and Support Information 

Assistant dean of student affairs

Books (Purchased) and Classroom Supplies 

College Stores

Books (References and Check-out) 


Building or Grounds Use by Student Organization 

Student Activities and provosts, vice president of academic affairs/college provost (WC)

Building or Grounds Use by Non-student Groups 

Provosts, vice president of academic affairs/college provost (WC)

Calendar of Student Activities 

Student Activities or Student Affairs office

Career Information 

Career and Testing Services or Student Affairs office

Change of Student Information 

WISE or Admissions and Student Records office

Change of Program (Major) 

AdvisorStudent Affairs office

Continuing Education 

Workforce Development office

Corporate Training 

Workforce Development office

Course Substitution 

AdvisorStudent Affairs office; or for students with disabilities, director of disabilities services

Clubs and Organizations 

Student Activities

Disabled Student Services 

Director of disabilities services

Discipline Issues 

Assistant dean of student affairs

Distance Courses

Academic Technology department

Drug-Free Campus 

Dean of student Affairs and enrollment management

Educator Preparation Institute

Coordinator, Educator Preparation Institute

Encore Academy 

Workforce Development office

Equity Assistance 

Director of Global & Multicultural Awareness (Equity office)

Evaluation of Transfer Credit 

Admissions and Student Records office

Financial Aid 

Financial Aid office

GED Test 

Career and Testing Services

Gordon Rule 

Instructor (communications, humanities, social/behavioral sciences, mathematics), or Student Affairs office


Admissions and Student Records office or Student Affairs office 



Instructor, academic deans, associate deans, provost, assistant dean of student affairs

Health Programs 

Dean of health occupationsStudent Affairs office or Admissions and Student Records office

Help with Passing a Course 

Instructor and/or Academic Success Center coordinator

Help with Personal and Social Issues 

Assistant dean of student affairsStudent Assistance Program (free counseling services)

Help with Selection of Classes or Program 

Academic advisorStudent Affairs office


Career and Testing Services

Instructor Issues 

Instructor, department chair, academic dean, associate dean, provost

Job Resources 

Career and Testing Services


Financial Aid office

Lost and Found 

Student Affairs office

Online Courses

Academic Technology department


Student Affairs office

Paying Tuition/Fees 

College StoresWISE or Tuition Installment Program

Permission to Organize a Club 

Student Activities


Student Affairs office


Schedule (Course) Issues 

Student Affairs office


Financial Aid office

Technical Assistance - e-Student

Department of Academic TechnologyStudent Helpdesk

Technical Credit Programs 

Dean of workforce development or dean of health occupationsAdmissions and Student Records officeStudent Affairs office


Career and Testing Services


Admissions and Student Records office

Transfer to a University 

Academic Advisor, Student Affairs office

Tutoring and Academic Assistance 

  Academic Success Center and/or instructor

Veterans Benefits 

VA advisor, Financial Aid office (WC)Student Affairs offices (EC, NC, SHC)

Vitcims' Advocate

Assistant dean of student affairs