Standards of Academic Progress (SAP)

  1. Students will be evaluated for academic progress at the end of fall, spring and summer semesters. College credits and preparatory credits, including transfer credits, will be used in determining academic progress.
  2. Students must maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average for all hours attempted. "Attempted" means all credit hours students are enrolled in after the drop/add date.

Good Standing: Students are in good academic standing when the requirements listed above are met.

Academic Warning: Students will be placed on academic warning at the end of the first term in which the standards of academic progress outlined above have not been met.

Academic Probation: Students will be placed on academic probation at the end of a term if, after being placed on academic warning, the standards of academic progress outlined above have not been met.

Academic Suspension: Students will be placed on academic suspension at the end of a term if, after being placed on academic probation, the standards of academic progress outlined above have not been met.

Suspension Appeals: Students may appeal an academic suspension by completing the Academic Success Seminar (online course) with a minimum grade of 80% and complete, print, and sign the Academic Suspension Request Form (SCN-34) found at the end of the Academic Success Seminar online module. Upon completion, the student must meet with the assistant dean of student affairs (or designee) at their respective campus and submit their completed Academic Suspension Request form. Additional documentation may be requested to assist with the appeal decision. The assistant dean (or designee) shall review the student's request and any documentation, and make the appropriate recommendations (regarding number of classes per semester, use of the Academic Success Center and/or specific tutoring, repeat of failed courses, etc.) to the provost (or designee). Students already enrolled for future semesters will be dropped from those courses unless an appeal is submitted and approved by the date listed in the suspension notice mailed to the student.

The Academic Suspension Request Form (SCN-34) must:

  1. Be in printed and signed by the student
  2. Be completed and have all questions answered thoroughly. Identify the mitigating or extenuating circumstances that warrant an appeal
  3. Have attached documentation, such as medical verification, accident reports, etc., to support the request for an appeal

The decision of the provost (or designee) is final. If the appeal is approved, students will be granted a suspension waiver for one semester. The provost (or designee) will establish re-enrollment conditions and an advisor will monitor the progress of any student in the status of suspension waiver. Students on academic warning or probation cannot use web registration services and must be advised by an academic advisor when registering, dropping or adding classes.

Students previously granted a suspension waiver may continue to enroll for future classes if they maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 or higher each semester. These students will not need to request additional suspension waivers, but will be required to meet with an advisor to register for classes. Additionally, students on a suspension waiver will not be allowed to register for the following term until grades have been posted for their current semester. Students may be allowed to register for the next term by utilizing the Instructor Academic Review form, which requests current grade information from students' instructors.

Academic Dismissal: After being placed in a suspension waiver status, students who do not meet the re-enrollment conditions established by the provost will be dismissed from the College for one major term (fall or spring). After being dismissed for one full semester, students are eligible to return to PHSC. Students must meet with an advisor before being approved to enroll in courses.

Students will remain under the criteria of their previously approved suspension waiver until their cumulative GPA reaches a minimum of 2.0.