Grading System

PHSC uses the grading system shown below:

Grade Grade Points Definition
A 4 Excellent
B 3 Good
C 2 Average
D 1 Poor
F 0 Failure
Other Grade Designations    
N   No Credit
Students in developmental education courses who fail to pass the state exit examination will be awarded a grade of "N".
NR   Not Reported
A grade of "NR" is used as a temporary placeholder until an official grade is recorded.
I   Incomplete
A grade of "I" is automatically changed to a grade of "F" if not made up within the timeframe established on the "Agreement for Completion of Coursework" form (summer sessions excluded).
P   Passed
W***   Withdrawals
S*   Satisfactory
U*   Unsatisfactory
X   Audit
SP**   Showing progress
* Used only in noncredit courses after May 1994.
** Used only for Adult Basic Education courses.
*** Withdrawals can be requested by student and/or faculty or for administrative reasons.