Transfer Programs

The Associate in Arts (AA) degree program and the Associate in Science (AS) degree program in Business Administration, Nursing (RN) and Radiography are preparatory programs for advanced studies at PHSC and other colleges and universities.

Satisfactory completion of the AA degree program can allow a student to enter a Florida public college or university at the junior level. Flexibility is allowed in the AA degree program to permit students to prepare for almost any bachelor's degree program. However, the satisfactory completion of the program neither implies nor guarantees that all lower-level requirements in a program of the student's choice at a higher-level institution have been met. For this reason, students who expect to transfer to a PHSC baccalaureate program or senior institution are advised to contact their advisor or the specific department of the senior institution as early as possible for information about courses to be taken while at PHSC. Final responsibility for choice of program and courses at PHSC rests with the student.

College catalogs and counseling manuals from all state universities identifying required prerequisites and catalogs from other senior colleges may be available in Student Affairs offices or online at Florida Shines. Advisors are available by appointment to assist students in planning a program.