Veterans' Standards of Academic Progress

Students receiving Veterans Administration (VA) benefits will be evaluated on their Standards of Academic Progress (SAP). Veterans are expected to progress at a rate that will permit graduation within the approved length of the program based on the training time paid by the VA. Failure to comply with these provisions may result in the termination of educational benefits by the VA.

In the event that a student receiving VA benefits stops attending, withdraws, audits or fails a class, the College is required to notify the VA of the veterans' last date of attendance. Faculty are required to note on the grade roster the last date of attendance for any VA student who does not successfully complete a course. Veterans' benefits may cease or be reduced based on class attendance.

Students should report, in writing, any unusual or extenuating circumstances concerning their suspension of benefits to the Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA always retains the right to make the final determination for receipt of any VA benefits.