Student Activity Cornerstone Events

Student Leadership Retreat: At this event, students are provided with an excellent opportunity to get to know other students and staff. Students will also have great opportunities to learn about themselves and how to more effectively interact with others.

Welcome Week: The purpose of this event is to make it easy for students to get to know each other, as well as to learn about campus and community resources.

Peace Week: At this event, students are able to demonstrate personal expressions of what peace means to them and reflect on peace related topics and how they relate to their self-understanding and spiritual awareness. The week offers opportunities to listen to and interact with guest speakers and artists. The event encourages students to learn about cultures, ideas and belief systems.

Leadership Week: This event provides students with the opportunity to build skills for their future. The week offers exciting speakers and events such as an etiquette lunch and business expo.

Art & Culture Week: This event is focused on building awareness of cultural experience through activities such as experiential painting, films, lectures and other participatory events. The purpose of the event is to enhance socialization using art culture as a starting point, and relating contemporary culture to various historical and cultural artifacts.