Transient Students (Students visiting PHSC)

Students enrolled in schools and colleges other than PHSC can enroll and register to earn credits at PHSC to fulfill the degree requirements at their home institution. Students enrolled in a public Florida institution can apply to visit PHSC by logging on to the Florida Virtual campus website (FLVC) to complete the application. The online application, once completed, is sent to the student's home institution for approval. The home institution determines in which courses the student may enroll at PHSC (the host institution). PHSC receives the application and approvals electronically. The Admissions and Student Records office processes the information. PHSC staff will create a student record for the visitor (if they have not previously attended PHSC) and assign them a PHSC student number. The applicant is then notified that they can proceed to registration. Transient student visitors will be able to register only for the courses approved by their home institution. Transient student visitors are responsible for paying the PHSC student term bill and for following the academic calendar of PHSC as they apply to the courses taken with us. Transient student applicants who are on financial aid at their home institution must work with staff there to ensure the credits taken at PHSC are included in the processing of their financial aid.