Financial Aid Grievance Process

The procedures for the financial aid grievance process, other than those that pertain to insufficient academic progress, are listed below. (Appeals relating to insufficient Financial Aid Standards of Academic Progress are processed according to the procedures contained in the District Board of Trustees Rule, 6Hxl9-6.43.)

  1. Students first should attempt to resolve financial aid issues locally and informally through discussion with the campus financial aid advisor and/or the assistant dean of student development (EC/NC/PC/SHC/WC)
  2. If the issue cannot be settled at the campus level then the matter will be referred to the assistant dean of financial aid for review and response. The assistant dean of financial aid shall complete a thorough review of the issue and respond as soon as possible, but within 10 days, to the student.
  3. In the event that the student is not satisfied with the response of the assistant dean of financial aid, the student may submit a formal written request for a review to the vice president of administration and finance. This written request must state fully the nature of the grievance and must include all relevant documentation available to the student.
  4. Upon the receipt of a written request for review by the vice president of administration and finance, the matter will be reviewed as soon as possible, but within 10 days, with requests for information and documentation from the student, staff and any other source of relevant information.
  5. The vice president of administration and finance shall carefully and thoroughly consider all of the relevant information and testimony available and then shall respond to the student and assistant dean of financial aid on the matter
  6. In the event that the grievance involves financial aid offered by the State of Florida, the student may be referred to the appropriate personnel in the Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) for the State of Florida, in addition to but not in lieu of, the procedure outlined above.