ENC 1101 English Composition I

This course is designed to develop effective written communication skills for academic and professional use. It includes practice in the selection, restriction, organization and development of topics and reinforces the student's facility with sentence structure, diction and mechanics. Students must show competency in utilizing research skills and documenting printed and electronic sources through composing a documented paper or a short research assignment. Selected writing samples are examined as models of form and as sources of ideas for the student's own writing. Conferences provide individual instruction. Students will be required to use a computer to compose essays in this class. This course satisfies the Gordon Rule writing requirement. A grade of "C" or higher must be attained.


3 cr.


REA 0017, REA 0011, REA 0019, ENC 0025, REA 0021, REA 0022 (completed with a grade of "C" or higher for each course) or appropriate placement test scores. Students who are not required to take the common placement test or enroll in developmental education courses do not have to satisfy prerequisites.