Spring 2016
Term II
Jan 11 - May 2
Term IIA
Jan 11 - March   4
Term IIB
March 14 - May 2
Special programs and courses (Law Enforcement Academy, Continuing Education, Educator Prep Institute, etc.) may have different registration, drop/add and completion dates. Please contact the program coordinator or institute staff or seek information from an advisor in Student Development.
  Academic Dates and Deadlines
Orientation of New Students

--- ONGOING ---

In person/by appointment: Contact Student Development at the campus location nearest you. E-orientation: Call the information Center at 727-847-2727 to complete orientation electronically.

Web Registration for degree/certificate/noncredit students  
- Students with 45 or more credit hours  Nov 3–Jan 10  Nov 3–Jan 10 Nov 3–Mar 13
- Students with 30 or more credit hours  Nov 4–Jan 10  Nov 4–Jan 10 Nov 4–Mar 13
- Students with 15 or more credit hours  Nov 5–Jan 10  Nov 5–Jan 10 Nov 5–Mar 13
- Students with 1 or more credit hours  Nov 6–Jan 10  Nov 6–Jan 10 Nov 6–Mar 13

Note: Online registration and payment will remain open through Winter Break
Open Registration for all new, returning credit and noncredit students (regardless of credit hours earned) ---------- Weekdays ----------

 Nov 9–Jan 8  Nov 9–Jan 8 Nov 9–Mar 11
Registration for Dual Enrollment Students (Note: Collegiate high school students are permitted to register during regular registration dates.)

Nov 30–Dec 1 based on class standing and GPA

Open registration Dec 2-16 and Jan 4-15

Nov 30–Dec 1 based on class standing and GPA

Open registration Dec 2-16 and Jan 4-15

Nov 30–Dec 1 based on class standing and GPA

Open registration Dec 2-16 and Jan 4 - March 18

Registration Fees Due (For students registering through Jan 6)  Jan 6  Jan 6 Jan 6
Classes Begin  Jan 11  Jan 11  Mar 14
Late Registration, Drop/Add  Jan 11–15 Jan 11–15  Mar 14–18
Last Day to Drop/Add by 4 p.m.  Jan 15  Jan 15  Mar 18
Last Day to Provide Documents for Residency Change . Changes after deadline become effective next term.  Jan 15  Jan 15 Jan 15
Last Day to Use Book Authorizations  Jan 15    
Financial Aid Grant Disbursement (tentative mailing date)

 Jan 28

(Clock hour program disbursement may vary. See Financial Aid office for details.)

Last Day to Apply for Graduation and have your name appear in the commencement program. Graduation fees apply-see application. Mar 4    
International Students and F1-Visa Applications Due (See Admissions and Student Records for application). Nov 1
Last Day to Withdraw/Change to Audit by 7 p.m. Mar 31 Feb 17 Apr 15 (4 p.m.)
Last Day of Classes May 2  Mar 4  May 2
Commencement Ceremony   Spring Commencement-for spring graduates

 May 4  May 4 May 4
Nursing Pinning (West Campus)  (ADN) May 4    
Holidays/No Classes

MLK Day—Jan 18
Spring Break—March 7-13

  Faculty and Staff Dates
Faculty reports Jan 6 Jan 6  
Grades due 9 p.m.—May 3 9 p.m.—Mar 4 9 p.m.—May 3
Last day for faculty May 4   May 4