Admission Information

As part of the application process, students must declare a program of study. Students can apply for admission to a program of study or can indicate their intent to be nondegree seeking on their PHSC Application for Admission. (Applicants to limited access programs must complete additional steps: see General Admission Requirements for Limited Access Programs.) Limited access program refers to a program with a restricted number of seats. These programs normally have additional eligibility requirements which must be confirmed during the application process and require additional forms and a fee to apply. A limited access coordinator is available in the Admissions office to assist students. Students already enrolled at PHSC who seek to apply to a limited access program can work with their advisor in Student Development.

Applicants must ensure that the documents required to finalize admission have been received by the Admissions and Student Records office during the students' first term of enrollment. Home school graduates will be required to submit documents in the same manner as any other high school graduate. No subsequent registration will be allowed until all documents have been received. All high school and college transcripts and test scores should be sent to PHSC directly from the issuing institutions. Official transcripts must be submitted in sealed envelopes unless transmitted electronically from approved issuing institutions.