Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The purpose of this program is to qualify Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduates for expanded career advancement opportunities in leadership, management and education.

Starting in Summer 2020 (2020-3), BSN students can proceed either in full-time or part-time pathways in the program.

Students must start the program by enrolling in NUR 3065C course. Up to the first four courses listed can be taken upon Admission to the Program. Once NUR 3065C has been completed, the student can select which course pathway to take based on offered courses during each term as long as course pre-requisites are met. Please click on individual course descriptions.

Program Code: APP-BSN

Program Core Courses

NUR 3065CExamination and Assessment

4 cr.

NUR 3119Nursing Theoretical Concepts

3 cr.

NUR 3655Cultural Health Issues

3 cr.

NUR 3895Teaching and Learning for the Healthcare Professional

4 cr.

NUR 4128Pathology/Pharmacology Principles for Nursing

4 cr.

NUR 3826Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing

4 cr.

NUR 4837Health Care Policy and Economics in Nursing

3 cr.

NUR 4164Nursing Research and Informatics

4 cr.

NUR 4827Principles of Leadership and Management in Nursing

3 cr.

NUR 4636CCommunity Nursing

4 cr.

NUR 4945CNursing Capstone Experience

6 cr.

Total Credit Hours:42

General Education and Support Courses: 18 Semester Hours

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Education: 42 Semester Hours

Lower Level Courses: 60 Hours

Total Hours: 120

Students must complete all required General Education courses as identified by Areas I to IV prior to graduation with the exception of Applied Ethics & Introduction to Statistics, which must be completed prior to enrollment of specific BSN Course, NUR3826 and NUR4164 respectively. Please refer to Catalog page: Admission to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program

Support courses: If a student has not completed Microbiology-didactic and lab, Human Nutrition, and Lifespan as part of a prior program of study, then these courses must also be completed prior to graduation. 

Special Program Requirements:

Students must meet the provision of Florida Statute 1007.262 regarding the statewide foreign language requirement as an exit requirement of the baccalaureate degree. Students must have completed two sequential foreign language courses in high school or at the postsecondary level. American Sign Language I and II is an approved sequence per Florida Statute 1007.2615.

Students who have earned an Associate in Arts degree from a Florida Community College or State University System (SUS) institution before the fall term of 1989, or who have maintained continuous enrollment in a Florida community college or SUS institution before the fall term of 1989 are exempt from the requirement.