E-Learning and myPHSC

PHSC offers students the opportunity to take college credit courses through various methods of instructional delivery. All methods of delivery are equivalent in terms of objectives, learning outcomes, competencies, content, credit and transferability. E-learning courses include online courses delivered via the Internet and courses that combine on-campus with online learning. E-learning courses may require limited on-campus meetings for orientations, labs, test reviews and proctored tests. Required meeting dates are listed in the course schedule and in course syllabi. Additionally, all campus services, on campus and web based, are available to all PHSC students.

The College's online learning community, myPHSC, connects students and faculty to their courses, as well as resources needed to succeed. Logging in to the myPHSC portal allows users to access course information, communication tools, online tutoring services, student resources and technical support. Students also have access to community groups in which they are a member, as well as information regarding all student activities.

As members of the PHSC teaching and learning community, students have a responsibility to secure their myPHSC/QuistaMail account against unauthorized access by creating a strong password using the self service password reset system. Also, students are responsible for protecting their account from being compromised by not sharing and/or giving out passwords.

Technical Requirements for E-Learning Courses

To ensure best online performance, view our basic technical requirements for e-learning courses. Some e-courses also may have specific requirements in addition to the basic ones. It is important to check the course schedule for information regarding these requirements.

In addition to personal computers, students may use the computers at PHSC's campus computer labs and libraries. Public libraries and various public access locations also provide computer access. Students planning to take an e-learning course on an off-campus, workplace computer should check with the employer's technology staff to avoid any potential problems with firewalls.

Technical Assistance

For e-learning course technical assistance, contact the Academic Technology Helpdesk by calling 727-816-3776, sending an email to the Student Help Desk, visiting myPHSCsupport.org, or selecting the Help tab on your myPHSC homepage

Internet/Online Courses

PHSC offers a number of credit and noncredit online courses for students. Students are required to have access to the Internet and to have a computer that meets the minimum requirements. These and other requirements are listed in the PHSC Course Schedule each term. Additional information may be obtained from the Student Affairs office or the Academic Technology department.